Millward Brown Launches LinkNow Copy-Testing Solution for Digital Advertising

Expands Self-Service Offer to Include Online Video, Display, Facebook and Mobile

NEW YORK – Millward Brown, the world’s leading expert in helping clients grow great brands, today launched LinkNow for Digital, a cost-efficient, validated copy-testing solution for digital advertising that delivers results in as few as six hours. Grounded in learning from Millward Brown’s industry-leading Link™ and market norms and validations from its Link for Digital solution, marketers can use LinkNow for Digital to quickly and cost-effectively assess the strength of their online video, display, Facebook and mobile creative.

As digital advertising – including social and mobile – becomes a larger piece of media budgets, digital effectiveness becomes increasingly important in driving overall marketing ROI

“As digital advertising – including social and mobile – becomes a larger piece of media budgets, digital effectiveness becomes increasingly important in driving overall marketing ROI,” said Duncan Southgate, Global Brand Director for Digital, Millward Brown. “The stakes are too high to rely solely on in-market optimization. We know – based on copy-testing more than 2,000 digital ads and monitoring more than 10,000 digital campaigns – that pre-launch optimization significantly improves likelihood of in-market success, while increasing media efficiency from day one. LinkNow for Digital makes these learnings accessible in a quick, cost-effective way and ensures marketers have the tools to support their efforts to ‘get digital right.’”

LinkNow for Digital is available today via Millward Brown partner, ZappiStore. The LinkNow suite now includes tools to evaluate TV, digital, print and outdoor creative, and clients can access the solution either directly from the ZappiStore site or, if they require consulting and enhanced metrics, with service from Millward Brown.

“LinkNow for Digital truly rounds out our self-service copy-testing offer,” added Daren Poole, Global Brand Director, Creative Development, Millward Brown. “While many campaigns and product launches require the full diagnostics and optimization advice available from Link, we know that in many cases, particularly with digital creative, LinkNow’s speed and cost-effectiveness are in order. We are excited to expand our offer to help clients drive ROI across all their media.”

LinkNow for Digital delivers metrics to help marketers evaluate an ad’s effectiveness in:

  • Engagement: understand the creative impact of your ad, how well your ad will capture people’s attention and how strongly it is linked to your brand.
  • Brand Associations: gauge if associations you intend your ad to build will stick in people’s minds.
  • Brand Predisposition: assess the impact on your brand – both short- and long-term equity.

Clients contracting for additional LinkNow for Digital service will also receive a digitally validated summary measure of Breakthrough and shortly a new long-term equity metric.


LinkNow for Digital is available today in the U.S., UK, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany and Japan, with additional markets available in the future. To access LinkNow for Digital, visit LinkNow for Digital on ZappiStore, and follow the simple directions to complete a study. Or, contact your local Millward Brown office.

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