ADmantX Advanced Contextual Targeting Now Available Through AppNexus

ADmantX Technology Enhances Value for Buyers, Sellers and Behavioral Data Providers

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – ADmantX, a unique Web service that offers spot-on ad targeting using the most advanced semantic processing on the market, today announced that the company’s advanced contextual targeting data is now available through AppNexus, the world leader in real-time advertising technology. New advanced contextual analytics for ad targeting, such as those offered by ADmantX, are a hot commodity as advertisers and publishers look to meld big data with real-time bidding capabilities.

ADmantX uses semantic page-level analysis that incorporates Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) compliant categorization, entities, brand-oriented emotions, behaviors, motivations from a reader’s perspective, and buyer intentions expressed in all content including social media. ADmantX intelligently matches content to advertisements, increasing campaign segmentation and targeting for better ad reach and success, while also ensuring ad safety. This unprecedented level of content analysis is accessible to RTB buyers and sellers through the AppNexus integration, including those that already leverage behavioral targeting data from other providers. ADmantX complements other data providers and can easily be integrated into the workflow of AppNexus buyers and sellers.

“We are honored to bring even more accuracy and value to AppNexus’ leading real-time ad technology platform,” said Brooke Aker, CMO of ADmantX. “Buyers, sellers and behavioral data providers in the AppNexus RTB environment all win with ADmantX. When you marry a deep understand of consumers with the deepest, more consumer oriented analysis of content you get more than the sum of the parts that go into ad placement.”

Publishers and advertisers that use AppNexus can contact ADmantX directly to gain access to the company’s superior contextual targeting data.

For more information, please visit, and for ADmantX updates, check the company blog at

About ADmantX

ADmantX is a cookie-less solution that uses superior semantic technology to allow publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, brand managers and agencies to develop more effective online advertising campaigns. There are no privacy concerns: real-time monitoring and the use of sentiment analysis maximize readers’ receptiveness to advertising content and minimizes placement near off-brand content. As a result, ads are more relevant, more accurately placed and brands are protected. For more information, visit