uberVU Releases “Signals” – Helping Brands Like PayPal Easily Identify, Understand and Take Action on Most Crucial Social Media Activity

Mining data to separate critical business information from social “noise” helps brands better strategize, service and respond

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – uberVU, a proven social information system for the enterprise, announced the launch of Signals, a unique social data service that enables brands to automatically filter through social media “noise” and recognize the most crucial events that may affect their business. Signals provides actionable insights on social data – giving companies tiered insight into discussions that likely require specific action or response and routing them to the right department within the organization, as well as the ability to better identify the reasons behind social activity. Signals will be available as part of uberVU’s already popular social media dashboard.

“uberVU Signals gives us actionable insights, identifying the most critical conversations about our brand and industry. Its ability to instantly categorize all the data available helps us to better understand what to take immediate action on,” said Jon Bishop, Innovation & Social Communications Manager of PayPal, a long time uberVU customer. “When conversations in the marketplace are important, Signals ensures we’re the first to know so we can react faster and better. It takes the work out of monitoring social media and enables us to focus on smarter, more valuable engagement strategies.”

By using sophisticated artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms, uberVU analyzes all social media conversations related to a brand in real time, including dozens of attributes like influence, sentiment, volume and demographics. It then detects actionable signals from the everyday noise – such as an important news story, spike in activity or an influencer mention of the brand – and surfaces that information as it happens, both on the uberVU dashboard and as a smart email alert. This allows brands to better react to activity that requires strategic response or movement in a timely manner.

“Think of Signals as automation for Social Media. Has an influencer mentioned your brand or your competition? Is there a spike of negative sentiment in Los Angeles about one of your products? Has your number of Facebook fans increased dramatically today because of a news story? uberVU will show you all that and more, in real time, 24X7. Brands don’t have to waste time anymore by drilling down to look for the needle in the haystack,” said Vladimir Oane, Chief Product Officer.

As social media becomes integrated throughout different divisions of every organization – from HR to marketing, customer service to business development and more – the ability for each department to see pertinent information in real time is critical for action and decision making. With social media sharing doubling every year, brands are spending more and more time sifting through thousands of conversations in search of insights and actionable information – and trying to figure out who in the company should handle or respond to each. uberVU Signals makes it easy for brands – decreasing the risk of missing critical conversations or information in due time and automatically surfacing important information that can be routed to the appropriate function in the organization – avoiding the need to sort through huge amounts of data.

“We’ve spoken with dozens of enterprise customers and the reaction they have to this ever increasing social media noise is the same – they do not need or want more data. They want an easy way to make sense of what’s going on, make a decision based on that information and then get on with their work. We allow them to do that,” said Mark Pascarella, CEO of uberVU.

About uberVU

uberVU was founded in 2008 by experienced web marketers who got frustrated by the lack of integrated tools to measure and manage social media. Our vision is to provide a social information system that easily integrates with existing business processes and can be used throughout the entire organization. We believe social media should be an enabler for the entire business and are dedicated to providing enterprises with the best-in-class solutions to make social media a core capability for the whole company. uberVU is backed by Seedcamp and Eden Ventures and is the only end-to-end social information system that covers all 4 pillars of social media: MonitoringAnalytics & ReportingEngagement,Collaboration.

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