Aggregate Knowledge Audience Analytics Platform Featured in Report by Independent Research Firm

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Aggregate Knowledge, a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) audience and campaign analytics company, announced that it has been included in Forrester Research Inc.’s July 2011 report, “The DMP Is The Audience Intelligence Engine For Interactive Marketers.” The report focuses on solutions for marketers struggling with data fragmentation, underused data assets, and a hunger for more audience insight, and highlighted Aggregate Knowledge.

In the report, Forrester defines a DMP as “a unified technology platform that intakes disparate first-, second-, and third-party data sets, provides normalization and segmentation on that data, and allows a user to push the resulting segmentation into live interactive channel environments.”

“The DMP definition in the report is spot on,” said David Jakubowski, CEO of Aggregate Knowledge. “At the end of the day, neutral audience and analytics platforms are ideal for the type of DMP solutions cited in the report as these types of platforms have no conflicts of interest and can turn billions of events into actionable audience insights,” said Jakubowski. “Our job as technology providers is to make the integrations easy and the insights visible and actionable.”

The report goes on to highlight that a DMP solution should be treated as a technology decision rather than a media buying decision as it warrants a large investment in terms of time, energy, and money. According to the report, the marketers will need to work with IT (tagging), CRM and analytics (data, access to offline database, analytical capabilities), legal (data transfer), and others.

Forrester spoke to many first-party data providers and recommended that marketers examine existing marketing technologies to identify what, if any, gaps exist. If a CRM team has a relationship with an MSP, it suggested that the CRM and interactive marketing teams engage in a joint conversation with the MSP, and “if the solution feels incomplete, look elsewhere or push your MSP to partner with a DMP like Aggregate Knowledge.”

“It can feel overwhelming at first,” said Jakubowski. “That’s why there should be different levels of product offerings – clients have different need sets and sophistication levels. For example, as an easy way to get started, AK offers a ‘First Steps’ product that requires no pixels, no tagging, and no risk. This brings the benefits of automated and consolidated reporting without the complexities of tagging. More sophisticated clients, on the other hand, can go straight for the advanced, fully enabled solution.”

Forrester interviewed over 20 companies, including data providers, media platforms, ad networks, and marketing service providers, as well as their clients. The report stated that “Aggregate Knowledge is very flexible and easy to work with” and noted the AK Platform’s “intuitive interface and rich reporting capabilities.”

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Aggregate Knowledge is a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) company delivering the campaign and audience analytics on which the world’s largest advertisers make their digital media decisions. The patent-pending AK™ Platform combines campaign analytics with audience data mining and multi-touch attribution to make media accountable, helping advertisers, agencies, DSPs, ad networks, SSPs, and publishers manage with the software they need to run their businesses themselves.

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