Research: As Dwell on Ads Increase, Conversion Rate Climbs Higher

New research from MediaMind links metric with both response and branding objectives

New York, New York – A periodic analysis of global benchmarks released by MediaMind, the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, reveals that when more consumers engage with an ad, conversion rate increases, showing a direct link between a high Dwell Rate and a high Conversion Rate. The full benchmark report is available from

MediaMind analyzed the results of more than 13 billion rich media impressions served in 2009 and directly compared the relationship between Dwell and Conversion Rate.  Results show that when more consumers engage with an ad for more time (i.e. Dwell), they are more likely to end up converting.  On average, increasing Dwell from 5% to 15%, increases conversion rate by 45%, from 0.4% to 0.6%. Thus, ads that allure users to engage are more effective in generating conversions.

Furthermore, a recent research by Microsoft Advertising, comScore and MediaMind also confirms that digital campaigns with high Dwell are more effective for branding.  The study compared users who were exposed to campaigns with low Dwell and users who were exposed to campaigns with high Dwell. The results indicate that campaigns with a high Dwell triple brand related keyword search, increase traffic by 69% and increase brand engagement—number of page viewed and time spent on the advertiser’s site.

“It’s encouraging to see the same metric applicable to different marketing objectives” said Gal Trifon, CEO and co-founder at MediaMind. “The connection between engagement and conversions emphasizes the value of digital display as a response medium, while the joint research with Microsoft Advertising shows clear branding correlation.”

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