Amazon’s SnapTell Acquisition Opens Door to SpyderLynk Becoming Advertisers’ Go-to Solution

SpyderLynk’s “SnapTag™” Emerging as a Mobile Activation Standard

DENVER – With Amazon subsidiary A9’s acquisition of SnapTell last week, the door is open to SpyderLynk SnapTag emerging as a standard for the powerful and growing mobile activation channel of marketing.

A promising new opportunity for advertisers, Advertising Week rated ‘Snappable’ ads the Top Media & Marketing Innovation of 2008. Mobile Activation, or ‘snappable’ ads, offers advertisers the opportunity to add mobile activation and interactivity to traditional advertisements.

SpyderLynk’s SnapTag solution has emerged as one of the leading mobile marketing standards for publishers and advertisers as they move toward integrating interactive branding with traditional media through mobile activation.

“SnapTell was our direct competitor in the mobile activation space before Amazon acquired and re-positioned the technology as a product search and consumer shopping tool,” said SpyderLynk founder and CEO Nicole Skogg. “The door is now wide open for the SnapTag mobile activation point to emerge as the standard for interactive branding.”

As a result of the acquisition, SnapTell’s former Vice President of Sales Adam Schneider has joined SpyderLynk to help evolve and execute the company’s go-to-market strategy and introduce his clients to the SnapTag solution.

“SpyderLynk’s SnapTag impresses me because of its brand-first approach,” Schneider said. “To succeed, image recognition needs customized activators that are visually appealing, measurable and provide the material scale that matters to world-class brands. I’m looking forward to continuing my work with publishers, agencies and the brands they represent using SpyderLynk’s mobile activation solutions to establish deeper relationships with consumers.”

“Schneider’s knowledge of the industry, prior relationships with some of the world’s largest publishers, ad agencies and brands, and ability to drive sales will help propel SpyderLynk forward as a leader in mobile activation and mobile direct marketing campaigns,” said Skogg.

The SnapTag is created with SpyderLynk’s proprietary encoding and a brand logo. Each placement is trackable and able to trigger a broad spectrum of different engagements. “The trackability gives SnapTags a competitive advantage over image recognition. Additionally, the SnapTag is significantly more appealing than 2D bar codes that require the download of a bar code reader. Any consumer with a camera phone can activate a SnapTag,” said Skogg.

About SpyderLynk

SpyderLynk is a mobile marketing and technology company enabling advertisers to add interactive functionality to traditional media and marketing to activate a mobile dialog and engage consumers in an ongoing mobile relationship.

SpyderLynk’s proprietary SnapTag mobile activation point allows consumers with camera phones to snap a photo of a brand logo encircled with a trackable code ring, and text or email it to access content and engage with advertisers or media providers. SnapTags activate any surface, ad, package or point of sale to create virtually unlimited interactive experiences between buyers and sellers.

Through mobile activation, advertisers can deliver a wide range of brand information, content, discounts, promotions, links and rewards as well as initiate an ongoing relationship with a consumer.

SpyderLynk’s mobile branding solution is now being used in a variety of media and national advertisers’ campaigns including Star Magazine, Family Circle, Ford and Warner Brothers. For more information, please visit