ConsumerTrack Marketing Promotions Research Study 2009 Highlights the Four C’s Of Promotional Marketing Which Form the Building Blocks of Successful Offer

DUBLIN – Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “ConsumerTrack Marketing Promotions Research Study 2009” report to their offering.

To succeed in 2009 and obtain the greatest mileage from brand activation activity, promotional marketers should remain focused on the basics and remember that promotions will not fix broken brands. We highlight the four C’s of promotional marketing which form the building blocks of successful offers; Concept, Creative, Communication, Competition.

With the amount spent on promotions marketing in Australia now at an impressive $6 billion a year, it is becoming increasingly important for marketers to ensure that they are spending their promotions dollar in a way that will maximise their return on investment. So, it’s imperative that marketers adopt a scientific approach, basing promotions on the findings of research rather than wishful thinking, and conventional marketing wisdom (which could be seriously flawed).

Understanding the promotional pipeline (section 5 of this report) will assist in devising successful promotions. IMI recognises that promotions are an art, where creative ingenuity has a significant role to play.

This report is not intended to replace the creative art nor is it intended to be used as a substitute for creative thinking. The aim of this report is to highlight how consumers think of and evaluate promotions and to supplement the art in terms of bringing some science and practical considerations to the development of promotions. As can be seen within this report, consumers are relatively consistent in terms of their motivations. However, this does not make them immune to change. Creativity in conjunction with consumer science can help unlock the next big development in the way consumers respond to promotions.

Consumer wallets will become increasingly likely to remain closed as we navigate 2009. According to our research, in the coming months, consumers do not intend to go into further debt, use their savings or keep larger balances on their credit cards. This reduction in spending is largely underpinned by the attitude that consumers are increasingly more likely to ‘delay or not spend money on anything outside the essential’.

Brands or products that are not essential now, or that are not positioned to meet a need, do not provide value for money or do not deliver a compelling consumer benefit may face a tough 2009. Brands that fail to spend to promote throughout 2009 and provide added consumer value may find the continued downturn to further intensify.

ConsumerTrack 2009 new report in the series compiled since 2001

Key topics covered:

* How Will Consumers React To The Promotion?
* Consumer Attitudes Today and How Have They Changed?
* Consumer Participation in Promotions
* Optimising Perceived Chance of Winning
* Prizing
* Maximise Your Roi/ Spend Your Marketing Dollars Wisely

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