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Outside-the-Box Mobile Ads Drives Business to Local Advertisers


Unique, Cost-Effective Service Reaches New Clients and Supports the Community with Free Local Deliveries

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Outside-the-Box Mobile Ads announces an exciting new service: Driving business to advertisers, while giving back to the community with free deliveries for non-profits. This unique business-community partnership benefits businesses by associating their brands with many good causes and gaining access to cost-effective, proven advertising with up to 97% retention rates1.

Outside-the-Box Mobile Ads’ GPS-tracked Mobile Advertising Vehicle is highly visible along heavily trafficked routes on the San Francisco Peninsula. Each eye-catching message scrolls into view at least every 90 seconds and is seen by thousands of drivers and pedestrians each day. A cloverleaf driving strategy at busy intersections ensures the maximum impressions for advertisers. Backlit displays guarantee the message stands out, even at night.

Outside-the-Box Mobile Ads reach a very desirable demographic that is ready to purchase. Arbitron’s 2003 In-Car Study showed that frequent drivers tend to be more educated, have higher incomes, be married, have children, own a home and use the Internet. Other findings from the study:

* 62% of vehicle passengers had exposure to outdoor within one hour of making a purchase
* 61% of respondents learned about an event they were interested in
* 53% learned about a store that they visited
* 52% learned about a restaurant that they visited
* 47% were reminded to listen to a radio station
* 29% noted a website by seeing outdoor

Mobile Advertising complements other forms of promotion and is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise. Industry average costs to reach 1,000 viewers show that mobile billboards are only $1.00, while static billboards average $3.00, radio $4.95, newspapers $19.20 and TV $16.25.

“Traditional outdoor advertising works well at reaching new prospects, but is beyond the budget for smaller firms. This new service levels the playing field and drives high-value prospects to local businesses,” President Bob Krumwiede explained.

1 Research by the Transportation Advertising Council of America revealed that outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate and that 96% of respondents said mobile is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.