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DoubleClick is a Stingy News Provider


Maintaining this website requires quite some research work on daily basis, chasing down news and stories that are pertinent to topics such as Ad Operations and Online Advertising topics. Some industry players make this activity a breeze and some… not much so!

Take, for example, DoubleClick – I am particularly disappointed and frustrated at the scarcity of information they publish in regard to new initiatives, product updates, studies, guides etc. When you’re one of the biggest players – if not the biggest – on the ad serving and online advertising market, how can you not have something to tell your customers on frequent basis? How can you not engage with your audience more frequently than once in a blue moon, be it current customers, prospective ones, industry professionals or simply the media following you?

I’m checking their PR and News pages obsessively almost, hoping they will come to better feelings for the information-hungry ones, but:

– their press releases page was last updated on October 2007 (http://www.doubleclick.com/about/press.aspx)

– their news page was updated ONCE SINCE DEC. 2006 (http://www.doubleclick.com/about/news.aspx).

Their guides are not doing much better, as most of them are outdated and no sign of new ones being released. In the meantime, once can only resort to sending them support tickets.

You’d think that in the past two years they’ve done nothing worth being mentioned, which is, of course, not true. This lack of interest in communication from DoubleClick is just not understandable… are they so busy making money that everyone over there is doing account management and nobody was left to look after corporate communications?